Thursday, March 6, 2008


The volleyball is played on a court divided into two parts by a network, where two teams of six players each face, with the purpose of not letting the ball lands on the floor of their field, but lets it fall on the floor of the field of his adversary. The player can rebater the ball so that it passes to the field opponent being allowed give three touches on the ball before it passes, always alternating the players that give the rings. If the ball falls it is time the opponent. Another important rule is that during the game the players can not encostar in white ribbon above the same player rede.O not give two or more rings followed. The field measures 18 meters in length by 9 wide, the ball used in the departure of volleyball is composed of leather or synthetic leather and measures approximately 65cm from perimeter. The volleyball is played by points, not by tempo.Os pleas are: drawing, pass, lifting, attack, block and defense.

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